Thoughts for the day

Drinking actually crossed my mind today. It’s kind of odd because it doesn’t happen very often. But at work I kind of got stressed because I wasn’t able to figure some things out and honestly I couldn’t get anything closed. It’s snuck into the back of my mind that I could just go out and … [Read more…]

Meeting – Mid Cities Group

Newcomer Meeting – A little coarse, one of the more senior sober folk said that newcomers should just shut up and fucking listen. I mean it’s really pretty true but heck it’s a newcomer meeting. I asked my question anyways about sponsorship, didn’t really get anything solid. So when I got home I looked it … [Read more…]

Meeting – Mid Cities Group

Open speaker meeting – Speaker had some very good insight and spoke to the change that happened when working the steps. He was a blackout drinker like myself and nexus for coming in was he was blacked out and yelling at his wife that he wanted a divorce which really hit home.

And so it begins…

I admit I am powerless over alcohol – that my life has become unmanageable It’s hard for me to admit this but I can’t stop denying the truth that I have a drinking problem. I probably have since I picked up my first drink if not before that. I’m doing this because I don’t want … [Read more…]